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Learn English and Spanish wherever you are and discover a world of opportunities.

I help students and professionals to communicate in any situation with my personalized and flexible method.

Using my proven personalized and flexible method I help students….

I´ve worked for My work experience includes…...

Being able to communicate in English or Spanish confidently is essential.

Does it ring a bell?

The job market is becoming more and more demanding/ competitive and mastering languages can help you improve your professional situation or advance in your career.

Being able to communicate fluently can turn your trip into an unforgettable experience.

What´s the difference between travelling and living an unforgettable experience? Being able to communicate fluently.

And the list could go on …

It is a fact…


Learning a new language can be challenging, but in fact above all it is an adventure.

It opens doors to great job opportunities, it improves your confidence and gives you an extra stimulus to achieve all your goals (aims).

But… to make the most of your potential you need:

A flexible study plan adapted to your needs.

Personalized support.

Let me guide you and together we´ll achieve it!

Hello! I am Luciana Stagnaro

I´ve been teaching English and Spanish for 25 years and my greatest motivation has always been the certainty that

mastering languages multiplies the possibilities of success in life.

I´ve learnt from my own experience as a student and as a teacher that the more personalized and flexible the study plan, the better results one can achieve.

My experience as a qualified teacher, and my continuous training, has shown me that the more personalised and flexible the curriculum, the better the results.

That is why in LS I’m offering you:

Spanish and English courses focused on your goals

Always adapted to your needs

So that you can communicate in any situation

While you learn in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere

I´m waiting for you!


Learn languages in a fast and effective way. 

Communicate  from day 1

Study for official exams

Show your knowledge and succeed

Enjoy an international adventure

Live your greatest life experience

Plan your lessons according to your agenda. 

A flexible course adapted to you